Our Story

How we started

20 years ago, so many of our favourite brands were born in a founder’s garage. These days, startups often find their beginnings in a coffee shop. For eSwapp, this couldn’t be more true. Our co-founder and CEO Uyen Ngo loved her morning fuel so much, she wanted to master the art of roasting, cupping and pour-over. Barista courses cost about five grand, so Uyen thought if a barista could teach her to make coffee professionally, she could help them with their branding or digital marketing. 

The idea quickly became a SaaS platform after Uyen realised the gap of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing within the corporate Learning and Development market. 

People by nature are multifaceted. Your Finance Officer might be a subdued spreadsheet ninja, but learning the art of public speaking can help her pitch an improved process. In turn, the outgoing Business Analyst might have learned a fast way to organise his contacts. Filters and everything. 

The incredible thing about our users… No two are the same. We’re not here to “match” people. We’re here to bring together Swappers and their valued skills.

What we do

eSwapp is a complete skill platform enabling organisational success. We empower users to learn and share skills with their colleagues to excel in their careers and helps organisations to grow businesses using their most valuable assets, their staff’s skills. eSwapp uses Machine Learning for our core products: Capture, Upskill, Prediction, to provide actionable insight into current skills, training needs and skills gap analysis, and to give skill predictions to make strategic business decisions. With a strong team previously at Google, Goldman Sachs, Yale University, GSK, Adobe and AI startups, we aspire to revolutionise the Future of Work.

We were one of 14 UK companies selected for a British government mission to the Netherlands on Artificial Intelligence, among other achievements.

Meet the eSwapp team