eSwapp for Healthcare

We know that people are happier when they’re building relationships and learning something new. So what if we told you there was a way you could connect your employees and help them share their skills?
Hey presto! eswapp helps your employees gain the knowledge and expertise they aspire to have. They’ll be in the driving seat whether its culinary know-how or Spanish lingo that they want to add to their repertoire.

Better support for your people

Support your people by empowering them to choose what to learn and at their own pace. Every NHS employee has their strengths – some are natural chefs; others are spreadsheet ninjas… And you can support them to unlock their full potential.

Better insight into your people

You’ll have your very own dashboard, showing you which skills are being shared and where there’s demand. We give you a real-time skill matrix of all existing know-how within your organisation, ready for you to tap into. (and it happens in the background of skill swap, no extra work needed, because who likes filling in forms these days?).

Better decision making on the well-being of your people

You can use our smart analytics to make better management decisions on well-being. Improve the wellbeing of your people and use eSwapp today.

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