eSwapp for NHS Leaders

Have the right skills in the right place, when you need them

What if we told you we could make your NHS workforce fighting fit for the future?  Transform your organisation’s skills and collaboration strategy with eSwapp.

Reduce costs using skills data

Make the most out of your limited workforce and avoid the unnecessary expense of hiring for skills. You’ll be maximising the potential of staff through better use of the skills you already have. You’ll have your own dedicated dashboards, to identify existing know-how within your organisation, where there are gaps and where the demand is. We’ll enable your employees’ skills to flourish, getting you more bang for your buck whilst delivering the absolute best patient care.  All this happens in the background – because who likes filling in forms these days?

Attract & retain your talent

NHS Trusts that empower their people to meet their needs and aspirations, experience higher rates of staff retention and satisfaction among their employees. Enable on-the-job learning, by giving your workforce the opportunity for 1:1 collaboration, across any part of the organisation, regardless of role, grade, gender or experience. Whether it’s to get help with the immediate task at hand or for longer term learning and coaching, offer your workforce a unique opportunity for career progression.

Predict your future skill needs

Our Skills Prediction uses Machine Learning and a combination of your own data and our skills expertise to identify the demands and trends that you need to plan ahead for. We automatically track shifting skills needs and accurately predict which skills you’ll need in the future.

Use Skills Prediction to inform your learning & development and hiring strategies to minimise the impact of future skills gaps. Acting in advance minimises the costly impact of hiring contract staff to plug skills gaps.

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