eSwapp Capture

Organisational Skills Map

eSwapp capture minimises the lengthy process of filling in surveys and maintaining spreadsheets by measuring and recording your workforce’s skills in real time. 

Our skills dashboard and matrix notifies you of skills gaps and facilitates strategy and planning within your organisation. Real-time information from eSwapp Upskill™ feeds into Capture to maintain the relevance and precision of your skills insights. 

Always Current

Avoid static snapshots, arduous interviews and painful surveys that are often inaccurate. There’s no need to spend time manually updating a spreadsheet of who has which skill sets. 

Simple Skills Inventory

Instantly find the right people with the right skills for immediate tasks or projects with our simple skills-management interface. We can integrate data from spreadsheets or third-party sources, such as CVs and LinkedIn, to save you time. 

Link to Strategy

Link powerful skills data to career-growth plans, and learning and development. Capture complements the Skills Matching platform to form a complete view of Skills and Skills Competency. 

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